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Tick & Mosquito Control Services

We can help you take back your yard from ticks and mosquitos! We offer pesticide spray services to eliminate ticks and mosquitos effectively. If you live in a wooded grassy area we recommend the Select TCS Tick Control System. The Select TCS Tick Control System achieves 97% control and interrupts the transmission cycle of Lyme disease, no other product can make that claim.

Some Tick Facts

Deer ticks are the culprit that infect people and animals with Lyme disease. Naturally when most people think of the disease, they think of deer and deer ticks. Deer do serve as hosts to ticks but the most important players are white-footed mice and chipmunks. Ticks pick up the bacteria when they feed on the blood of infected animals. While in the immature stages, deer ticks pass the Lyme disease bacteria to and from the mice and chipmunks they typically feed on. During the ticks' nymph stage, they might also feed on humans and pets.

Tick & Mosquito Pesticide Spray Services

Our pesticide spray services will help eliminate the ticks and mosquitos around your home. No more bug spray, citronella candles or expensive bug zappers! Enjoy your summer outdoors with our professional pesticide spray service.

How The TCS Tick Control System Works

The Select TCS Tick Control System interrupts the Lyme disease cycle without harming wildlife, damaging the environment, or threatening the health of your family with high-dose pesticides. Eagle Arboriculture, Inc., is a certified installer and we invite you to contact us for an estimate to rid your property of ticks and mosquitos. To see the TCS Tick Control Systems brochure, click here.